Copper Harbor, Michigan

Hunter's Point
Not Just Another Pretty Place

Hunter's Point Park is a special place to Copper Harbor residents as well as visitors to the area. Access to the point was in jeopardy a few of years ago when a development company purchased it along with the surrounding property. It is now a Township Park and continues to be open to the public. For more information about the Hunter's Point Preservation Project and Park, please browse through this website.

Take a walk out on Hunter's Point. It is one of few non-hilly areas as it goes along the Lake Superior shore. There are some roots and rocks to navigate, but as a whole, an easy hike. There are 2 trail-heads to Hunter's Point Park. One is just left of the boat launch at the Copper Harbor Marina. The other is accessible west of the marina a couple blocks. Turn on North Coast Shore Drive until it T's then turn right. Take this road to the end and you will see trail signs. The trails wind through the woods and out to Lake Superior.

Hunter's Point is bursting with natural wonders. Flora is abundant; wildflowers, lichen, mosses, cedars, hardwoods and pines. Otters, martins, beavers, deer, squirrels, chipmunks and various other wildlife enjoy the area too. The geological formations are special on the point. The basalt in this area is the oldest rock on earth-essentially, the earths crust. It's like a window to the past.

There are great birding opportunities on the point. During their migration, many songbirds will roost here for the night in preparation for their flight over Lake Superior. This is a good spot to observe warblers, woodpeckers and other woodland birds as well as water birds.

Grant Township
Hunter's Point Park

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