A look at classic neighborhoods in San Francisco

neighborhoods in San Francisco
neighborhoods in San Francisco

Over the years, the shape and look of San Francisco have changed. It was once described as the most European city in America but has now transformed into a technological capital. Huge numbers of tech workers have replaced the artists and hippies that formerly characterized it. The evolution of the city has happened to suit the current lifestyle and activities. Despite the changes especially in the central regions, old San Francisco has maintained its charm. Let us explore the different districts.


Western neighborhood

Many residents in San Francisco don’t know that the city has a surf culture. The fog that covers the city most parts of the year makes many forget that the city has a beautiful beach. Although it may not seem much, it is one of the most dangerous and challenging surf spots. The people who surf at the shore make up a small sub-culture of the city. The stretch only runs about 3.5 miles but the neighborhood bordering it feels separated from the rest of the city.


In the neighborhood, there is a famous small trouble coffee institution. It serves toast, coconuts, and coffee. The blaring heavy metal music that comes from the shop could portray a culture that is not health conscious. On the contrary, the shop carries the 1990’s childhood mainly characterized by healthy feeding. Besides, the institution does not allow phones into the shop. Down the street, you will head to the beach where surfers would be enjoying the sport if the waves are decent. Real food can then be found at the Hook Fish company. It is a restaurant and fish market for fish tacos and pokes burrito popular with surfers.


Northern neighborhood

The greatest holdout spot in San Francisco is the North beach. It appears to be resistant to change since it has always looked the same. The neighborhood has a reputation for being a popular tourist attraction, it has gone back to its old appeal. The locals have re-embraced as a place to go when you want to take a break from the tech crowds. At night, the neon lights from the clubs on Broadway gives it a nostalgic allure. This is characteristic of the traditional Italian-American restaurants.



Northwest neighborhood

In spite of the Ocean Beach being a great place to watch surfers, it is not suitable for swimming. That is because it experiences strong currents that have claimed several lives. The north-western tip is best suitable for swimming at the Marshall’s beach. To access the beach, one will however to endure some hike. From the beach, you will marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge in town. The beach has remained a classic all this while. Do you travel a lot? Please check the 10 best neighborhoods in San Francisco for 2020 to visit.